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Chocolessence - Tangerine/Ginger

Chocolessence - Tangerine/Ginger

About the Product

A world away from ordinary chocolate, the bar you’re about to experience is both deliciously subtle and exceptionally bold—a sweet delicacy made to be savored. This chocolate combines exclusively sourced Ecuadorian cocoa beans and just a hint of our pure Tangerine Vitality™ and Ginger Vitality™ essential oils, crafted with the expertise of an award-winning chocolatier for the richest experience possible. Tasting notes: To complement the deep, bright flavors that evolve when savoring Ecuadorian chocolate, Tangerine Vitality™ and Ginger Vitality™ essential oils add a delicious complexity that elevate—never overwhelm—the distinctive notes of this chocolate.

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Supplement Information - Chocolessence - Tangerine/Ginger

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